Infrastructure & Enterprise Software

Infrastructure & Enterprise Software

Why Australia is seeing a rise in challenger banks

Digital banks are on the rise Down Under. However, competing with the big four banks won’t be a walk in the park.

FinFit forms partnership with HR and payroll company Execupay

Financial wellness platform FinFit has teamed up with Execupay to support more employees.

Revolut launches employee expense management tool

FinTech app Revolut has unveiled a new tool for its business customers to empower them to take control of their staff’s expenses.

UK government takes steps to boost diversity in the country’s cybersecurity sector

The British Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has launched an initiative to improve the diversity among the nation’s cybersecurity professionals.

American startup digital bank Zenus Bank now has a permit to operate as a...

Challenger bank Zenus Bank has been permitted to act as a bank, taking it one step closer to its stated goal of enabling remote banking access for people around the world.

Mortgage Cadence adds DataVerify to boost data verification and fraud prevention

Mortgage Cadence has added the DataVerify capabilities to its loan-origination platform to support data verification, fraud prevention, and compliance assistance.

Retirement software builder Ascensus acquires Beneco for undisclosed amount

Ascensus, which provides retirement savings technology, has acquired Beneco for an undisclosed amount.

Taiwan has granted its first three virtual banking licenses

Line Financial Taiwan, Next Commercial Bank and Rakuten International Commercial Bank are the three first companies to receive Taiwan’s new virtual banking licenses.

ScaleFactor nets $60m in Series C led by Coatue

ScaleFactor, a smart finance and automated accounting platform, has netted $60m in its Series C round led by Coatue.

Online lending technology builder FinMkt pulls in $5m in Series B

FinMkt, A New York-based company which builds B2B financial technology solutions, has pulled in $5m in its Series B round.

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