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What’s going on in the Nordic challenger bank scene?

Neobanks in the Nordics may have had a slow start, but things may soon be about to change.

Swedbank signs partnership with SIA to enable faster payments across Europe

The Swedish bank Swedbank has signed a partnership with payment company SIA in order to tap into its fiberoptic network infrastructure called SIAnet.

ZignSec launches new anti-money laundering product as the RegTech company views...

The Swedish RegTech company ZignSec has rolled out a new anti-money laundering (AML) product as the Nordics are still with the fallout of a massive banking scandal.

Estonian authorities expand probe into suspected Danske Bank money laundering transactions

The Danske Bank money laundering scandal has taken another turn. The Estonian prosecutor expanded their investigation into transfers worth $2bn that were made through the Danish bank.

Russian billionaire losses legal battle against Nordic banks who refused his...

One of Vladimir Putin’s besties has lost a lawsuit against four Nordic banks who refused to do business with him.

Investors sue Danske Bank for money laundering scandal

Roughly 60 investors are suing Danske Bank over the money laundering scandal.

Finance ministers set to agree on new EU anti-money laundering authority...

From the huge Danske Bank scandal to a rising number of reports in the UK, money laundering is a growing concern for finance ministers in the EU.

The US department of Justice bolsters Deutsche Bank money laundering investigation

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has reportedly bolstered its investigation into Deutsche Bank’s involvement in last year’s Danske Bank money laundering scandal.

Danske Bank’s profits drop as the lender deals with fallout from...

The Danish lender Danske Bank saw its shares plummet by 4.1% as it revealed that it is expecting net profits to be on the low end of its previous estimates.

The EU may set up a new anti-money laundering authority

Several huge money laundering scandals have swept across Europe over the past year. Now, the European Commission may get the power to set up...