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Visa argues that millennials are driving FinTech innovation and reveals how...

Millennials are driving the FinTech evolution in everything from payments to banking. Now, a Visa executive is arguing that FinTechs better pay attention.

Klarna aims to strengthen its underwriting capabilities through Moneymour acquisition

Swedish FinTech unicorn Klarna has bought Italian payment company Moneymour from its founders and minority investors.

Klarna teams up with with celebrity stylist Bea Åkerlund to launch...

Swedish FinTech unicorn Klarna has gotten tired of the idea that women can only propose on leap years on February 29. So it has come up with an idea to do something about it.

Klarna launches global Consumer Council initiative to essentially get more feedback

Some companies are happy to do just customer surveys to get more feedback. Klarna has taken that idea one step further with its latest initiative.

FinTech Klarna and designer Olivia Rubin team up for London Fashion...

A pop-up salon and an armada of Tuk Tuks are part of the new partnership between buy now, pay later unicorn Klarna and fashion designer Olivia Rubin.

Klarna is launching in Australia and grabs $200m in new investment...

The Swedish FinTech unicorn Klarna is launching in Australia with the backing of one of the country’s four biggest banks.

How Sweden aims to become a FinTech superpower

The Nordics in general and Sweden in particular are experiencing a FinTech boom. However, new regulations and investment worries could slow down the growth....

Klarna signs partnership with British retail-point-of-sale software provider Vend

Swedish FinTech unicorn Klarna has signed a partnership with Vend, a retail point-of-sale software provider, to give boutique retailers’ customers more flexible payment options.

Klarna is growing its UK foothold by extending its partnership with...

Swedish FinTech unicorn Klarna is cementing its hold of the UK market even more with new partnership.

Why Klarna is picking a fight with the Swedish government

The Swedish government has proposed new e-commerce regulations and Klarna is not happy about them.