Metaverse economy could reach $13trn valuation by 2030

A report by Citi has predicted that the fledgling Metaverse economy could be worth $13trn by 2030.

In a report called Metaverse and Money, Decrypting the Future, Citi examined in deeper detail the Metaverse, looking at in-game tokens, crypto, stablecoins, CBDCs and fiat currency.

A device-agnostic Metaverse which involves use cases such as art, commerce, advertising, media, healthcare and social collaboration could pull in a total addressable market of between $8trn and $13trn by 2030, the report estimated.

Citi said, “The definition of what counts as money in the Open Metaverse is also likely to be very different from what counts as money in the real world today.

“Interoperability and seamless exchange between underlying blockchain technology are critical to ensure a frictionless user experience. Different forms of cryptocurrency are expected to dominate, but given the multi-chain trend in the crypto ecosystem, cryptocurrency will likely coexist with fiat currencies, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and stablecoins.

“We expect the Metaverse of the future would encompass existing forms of money and also a set of digitally-native primitives, tied to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other tokens, that were out-of-scope for a pre-blockchain virtual world.”

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