Discrimination, stereotyping and boys club mentality – the state of gender inequality in FinTech

The gender gap is showing little sign of narrowing in the world of finance. Debate around gender inequality and a lack of women in finance has raged on for years but more action is needed to empower female professionals and founders.

Are changing regulations a threat for WealthTech firms?

Wealth management institutions have been dealing with greater complexity in areas of compliance and regulation. As the number of jurisdictions increases, so does potential liability and, as a result, global companies must embrace digitalisation to stay clear of legal hot waters.

Why behavioural analytics should be a top priority for insurers

With customer demands changing to become more focused on flexibility and personalisation, behavioural analytics is the key to help insurers meet this need.

How financial firms can detect and prevent fraud by using network analytics

The proliferation of internet banking and digital sharing have made it easier than ever for fraudsters to attack financial institutions and organisations must use sophisticated methods to prevent financial crime and risky activities.

How to ensure security and compliance when using tools such as Zoom, MS Teams?

Communication tools have saved the day for businesses after the Covid-19-induced global lockdown. Therefore, organisations must fully understand the regulatory guidance on security and privacy so they can continue to implement and expand their use of tools such as Zoom and MS Teams.

Why increased regulation and compliance requirements might be a concern for FinTechs

Regulatory compliance is constantly changing and creating a ripple effect with consequences impacting the global financial sector. While keeping up with the changes can be challenging, FinTechs must have solid risk management controls in place to ease this burden.

The key regulatory challenge facing the financial industry that you should know about

Regulators are striving to strike a balance between ensuring data security and privacy, and facilitating cyber compliance. As policy-makers attempt to develop a regulatory framework for a safer digital environment, financial firms must appropriately navigate the industry’s everchanging environment.

How can retail banks win in the battleground with BigTech companies?

BigTech companies have changed customer expectations forever. With customer experiences at the forefront of their operations, consumers now seek the same level of simplicity and personalisation everywhere. Financial institutions have a tough road ahead to match these services, but they can learn from BigTech companies.

How Nucoro is helping banks digitise to take on FinTechs

Financial institutions are not as nimble as FinTechs, but that doesn’t mean they cannot offer their own digital services. The answer is integrating technology stacks designed by specialised companies, that enables the financial institution to easily implement a range of digital investing propositions.

How advanced analytics can solve the growing problem of lending fraud

As the pandemic rages on, crime and money laundering risks continue to evolve at a rapid pace in the commercial lending space. However, firms can mitigate these risks by applying advanced technologies and using a data-driven approach.

News Stories

How banks can strength their risk-based approach to financial crime

A recent case study by financial crime prevention firm Acuminor has detailed how banks can improve their stance of tackling the financial crime threats they face through its risk-focused technology.

Half of insurance customers would consider coverage from digital firms

A report by Capgemini and Efma has discovered that 50% of insurance customers are willing to consider coverage from digital-based firms.

Why financial institutions may need tools to understand Portuguese for due diligence

To ensure financial institutions understand the risks of doing businesses around the world, having a due diligence and adverse media screening tool that understands Portuguese is vital.

US set to sanction crypto wallets and exchanges in ransomware crackdown

The Biden Administration is expected to begin issuing sanctions against crypto exchanges, wallets and traders used by ransomware groups to crackdown on cyberattacks.

Monese unveils new BaaS platform, enters partnership with Investec

Challenger bank Monese has entered a strategic partnership with Investec Bank following the recent introduction of the former’s banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform.

See how insurance firms can use it to personalise their offering

Did you know that by 2025, almost 30% of all data created, captured, or replicated by consumer devices will be created in real-time.

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