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Xinja closes its banking services in Australia

Neobank Xinja may have raked in some of the biggest funding rounds in Australia, but now it's blaming Covid-19 and a tough market for its decision to drop out of banking.

FinTech funding in Australia is on track for a new annual...

FinTech companies in the country raised over $1.04bn in the first nine months of 2020, just 9.7% shy of the previous annual record set last year

86 400 vying another $34m raise just months after its latest...

Australian challenger bank 86 400 has kicked off another investment drive with the goal to raise $34m to fund expansions into the mortgage market.

FinTech funding in Australia had a record first half of 2020...

Neobanks in the country completed five of the top ten deals during the first six months of the year The top ten Australian FinTech...

Frollo launches new compliance solution for companies struggling with open banking

Australian FinTech company Frollo has launched new product to help businesses comply with new data rules as they embrace open banking.

Robert Bell of 86 400 believes that open banking won’t show...

If everything goes according to plan, then Australia will introduce open banking in July. The founder of neobank 86 400 cannot wait, but believes the benefits will take some time to manifest.

Australian FinTechs divided as regulators allow screen scraping

Screen scraping may be on the way out in Europe, but Australian regulators see no reason to ban it just yet.

Neobank 86 400 launches electricity deal comparison tool

Digital bank 86 400 has unveiled another feature to woo potential customers: Energy Switch.

Seven 2019 setbacks these challenger banks probably want you to forget

Challenger banks are on the rise around the world, but things are not always running as smoothly as they could.

Aussie neobank Volt starts to onboard new saving accounts customers

The 40,000 people on Volt’s waiting list can finally expect to get access to the neobank’s services.

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