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How innovation can help bolster the AML sector

In an age where cyberattacks and money laundering are becoming more commonplace, the need for cutting-edge tech in fighting this scourge is becoming ever more important.

The role of KYC and AML in banking

In a hyperconnected and digital world, the importance of KYC and AML in finance cannot be understated. For banking, what do these processes include?

New UK bill set to crack down on fraud and money...

The UK government has introduced the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill in an attempt to drive ‘dirty money’ out of the UK.

Copper.co links with Fenergo to deploy its CLM and AML solution

Copper.co, a digital asset infrastructure firm, has linked with Fenergo to implement its client lifecycle management and AML solution.

Hawk AI collaborates with Diebold Nixdorf for AML surveillance

Hawk AI has partnered with Diebold Nixdorf, a leader in driving connected commerce for finance and retail, to expand the reach of the former’s AML solution.  

What firms need to know about AML Directives

With the rising level of money laundering regulations and fines, firms need to know what their requirements are. Electronic IDentification has released a report examining the AML Directives.

Anti-money laundering RegTech Hawk:AI teams with Ondato

Hawk:AI, which offers anti-money laundering surveillance technology, has partnered with KYC and customer onboarding company Ondato.

ID-Pal teams with Lerex for fraud protection

Identity verification provider ID-Pal will help payment solution provider Lerex Technology with its identity verification, e-verification and anti-money laundering and KYC requirements.

Why real-time transaction monitoring is the next step for compliance

 Sentinels, which helps detect money laundering in real-time, has released a report outlining why real-time transaction monitoring is the next step for compliance functions.

FCA hands out £2m fine to The TJM Partnership

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined The TJM Partnership £2m for failing to ensure it had effective systems and controls to identify and cut the risk of financial crime.

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