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Tag: Biometrics

How KYC Portal helps businesses meet their compliance obligations during COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed the entire dynamic for how businesses stay compliant with people working remotely more than ever.

Onfido reportedly in talks with UK government to provide immunity passport...

Governments around the world are clamouring for solutions to help them save the economy from the fallout of the coronavirus. RegTech Onfido is reportedly one of the tech firms the UK government is talking to for help.

Identity verification startup Onfido scores $100m in new funding as it’s...

Biometrics specialist Onfido has strengthened its financial muscles by raising $100m in fresh capital to fuel further expansions and tech developments.

FacePhi partners with second Uruguayan financial institution

Biometric digital onboarding platform FacePhi has been picked by Uruguayan financial institution Creditel to support its user experiences.

Nomidio launches identity-as-a-service cloud solution to protect personal information

From: RegTech Analyst Protecting customer data is not always easy. Nomidio is looking to change that with the launch of its new service. It has developed...

LexisNexis adds behavioural biometrics to its tool suite

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has added behavioural biometrics to is selection of fraud and identity solutions.

Daon to offer biometrics to Southeast Asia digital bank TONIK

Daon will provide its onboarding and mobile biometric authentication services to Southeast Asia digital-only bank TONIK Digital Bank.

Controversial Clearview AI reveals its entire client list has been stolen...

Someone has stolen Clearview AI’s full client list as the facial recognition software company is still reeling from the backlash of having scraped public pictures from social media platforms.

Face-scanning company Clearview AI sued for scraping public pictures from social...

Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Clearview AI for scraping public pictures to create its facial recognition software.

Fingopay and Reflow pilot to let consumers pay with their veins

Fingopay, a vein-based biometric solution, is launching an open banking pilot with payments company Reflow, to help banks access fingerprint payments.

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