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Preparing for the global comeback in travel – Air Doctor

Travel insurance has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. There’s no need for buying a policy when you can’t leave your house, but as the lockdown measures begin to ease, holidays will be top of people’s priorities, giving travel insurance a much needed resurgence. Air Doctor has issued a white paper exploring the opportunity ahead.

Why banks should double down on innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic

The ripple effects of the coronavirus pandemic could cause companies to de-prioritise their digitalisation, but Nucoro believes that would be a “significant missed opportunity.” Instead of stopping, firms should be doubling down.

How has the Covid-19 crisis changed how financial services should think...

The pandemic has forced financial service firms to reconsider their digital defences or risk falling victim to cyber attacks.

How will the coronavirus impact funding into InsurTech during and post...

When major FinTech companies like Monzo suffer a down round, it can causes a cloud of fear over the market, but there will still be a need for digital financial and insurance solutions post-pandemic.

Could the coronavirus mean a boost in tech adoption in the...

While many have predicted that artificial intelligence could change how financial services operate, Kidbrooke notes that the revolution has yet to manifest. Could Covid-19 change that?

The UK witnessed record funding in 2019, could the coronavirus mark...

The UK’s RegTech sector has nearly grown eight-fold since 2015. 2020 has been a weird year for everyone, but it could prove beneficial for the RegTech space and help it continue to grow in the UK.

Italian digital banking project raises €45m as the nation is still...

Italian banking executives have raised €45m ($50.9m) in a bid to launch a digital bank in a country still dealing with the coronavirus fallout.

The state of cybersecurity in the remote workforce

Over the past few months, the world has had to get used to a new normal. Offices are now largely ghost towns and employees have been settling into a working-from-home lifestyle.

New study warns insurers against failing to learn from Covid-19 and...

For months now, industry insiders have argued that the coronavirus will act as a catalyst for insurers to adopt new technologies. Now they've been backed by a new study.

How are AML procedures in financial institutions being impacted by the...

With the chaos the coronavirus has put the world in, it’s easy for certain things to slip under the radar, the problem is these can be just as damaging to the business as the pandemic.

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