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Tag: COVID-19

SEC to hold virtual coffee meetings with public to discuss coronavirus...

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking to host “virtual coffee breaks” to engage with players in the financial market to discuss impacts of the coronavirus.

How the coronavirus has affected the RegTech industry

The coronavirus has forced the global economy to grind into a halt. While the RegTech industry is not left unscathed, there are opportunities for those that look.

Monzo’s founder won’t take out any salary for 12 months to...

UK challenger bank Monzo has taken additional steps to protect the business against the pandemic-induced financial downturn. And it's not alone.

“The right thing to do to support the industry” – why...

With the coronavirus pandemic putting strains on businesses, some FinTechs have been offering their services for free to help.

Tips from industry players on how FinTechs can survive through the...

The coronavirus has already caused havoc around the world, but what can businesses do to survive?

Seven FinTechs and RegTechs offering services to help those hit by...

While times seem bleak at the moment with the COVID-19 pandemic, some FinTechs are doing their best to help. In tough times, the best way to succeed is to come together and a number of FinTech companies are doing just that, offering their services for free to those helping to tackle the virus or those that have been impacted by it.

Yoti offers its identity services for free to healthcare providers

Yoti, digital identity company, is offering its digital identity solutions for free to any public health organisation, emergency service and community initiative tackling COVID-19 (coronavirus).

NorthOne stops account fees to those impacted by coronavirus

NorthOne, a US-based digital bank focused on small businesses, is dropping the account fees for its customers which have been impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Jumio offers its services for free to healthcare companies during coronavirus

Digital identity company Jumio is offering its services to NGOs, healthcare agencies, schools or delivery services for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FinTech unicorns and startups to face a coronavirus-created “vicious cycle” that...

The global COVID-19 outbreak could worsen business and funding conditions as well as changing private FinTechs’ exit options, according to a new report.