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Tag: cyber risk

Measured Analytics and Insurance unveils cyber solution to widen cyber insurance...

Measured Analytics and Insurance has introduced CyberGuard Central, a partner program aimed at offering cyber insurance to Measured’s clients.

Bitsight, March McLennan team to aid firms in bolstering cyber risk...

Security ratings firm BitSight has partnered with Marsh McLennan to support companies in better understanding, measuring and manage their cybersecurity risks.

Why greater efficiency will help insurance firms better handle cyber threats

Cyber risk is showing no signs of stopping and the reliance on cloud-based systems makes potential ripple effects vast. It is crucial for the global insurance industry to efficiently measure cyber risk.

VisibleRisk receives fresh investment from its founding companies

VisibleRisk, which helps businesses understand and manage cyber risk, has received a $25m investment from Moody’s Corporation and Team8.

Cyber risk management and insurance platform Trava scores $3.5m seed round

Trava, an integrated cyber risk management and insurance platform, has netted $3.5m in its seed round.

How big is the cybersecurity threat in the maritime industry?

The maritime industry is colossal but the large scale ransomware attack on transport and logistics conglomerate Maersk in 2017 shows the industry is still susceptible to cyberattacks.

MAPRE RE to collaborate with cyber risk company Kovrr

Cyber risk modelling startup Kovrr is going to use its solutions to analyse the accumulated cyber risk exposure for MAPRE RE.

Axio secures funding which will help its expansion into the financial...

Cyber risk management service Axio has secured a new funding round which will help it expand into the financial services space.

Corvus Insurance offers free cyber risk reports to hospitals and organisations...

COVID-19 has not only caused major disruption into people’s lives and in the markets, but has also raised the risk of hack attacks. Now, Corvus Insurance hopes to help.

Hiscox to improve insights into cyber risk following new deal

Specialist Insurance firm Hiscox has integrated the cyber risk analytics services of CyberCube to improve its insights into potential systemic cyber risk.

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