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Tag: cybercrime

FBI unveils plan to shift cybercrime approach away from arrest-first

The FBI has revealed it is intending to move away from its indictment and arrest-first model to a cost-imposing and incident response model.

How cybercrime is becoming the next big challenge for Europe

A recent report by TechRobot has scrutinised the real-world and cyber-world crime rates of the 36 OECD countries and examined how well-informed citizens are on the topic.

Biden Administration calls on US private sector to help in cyber...

The US Deputy Attorney General has called on companies in the private sector to help the government tackle the rising wave of cybercrime.

US to bolster cyber synergies with new defence center launch

The US government has revealed it is introducing a new cyber defence center focused on strengthening collaboration between the public and private sector.

US introduces ransomware safety site, offers incentives for hacker tips

The US government has unveiled a new website designed to provide businesses with greater knowledge of the threat posed by ransomware to their companies.

US launches inter-agency task force to tackle ransomware wave

The US government has introduced a new interagency task force aimed at combating the increasing challenge of ransomware on the United States.

Interpol calls for police, industry unity against possible ‘ransomware pandemic’

Interpol has urged police agencies and industry partners to unite to prevent a possible ransomware pandemic from taking hold.

Report finds suspected Chinese state-backed group targeting Asian telecoms

A cybersecurity report has found an alleged Chinese state-sponsored faction is attempting to hack telecommunications organisations in Taiwan, Nepal and the Philippines.

US court gives fraudster 7-year jail sentence following attempted $2m scam

A US federal judge has sentenced a Houston-based man to a 7-year jail sentence for his role in trying to steal over $2m from victims through romance scams and spoofed emails.

Kaseya hit by one of the largest cyberattacks in history with...

US IT provider Kaseya has become the latest in a growing line of organisations to suffer a cyberattack at the hands of the REvil ransomware group.

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