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Metro Bank taps BAME Recruitment to bolster workplace diversity and inclusion

Metro Bank has partnered with diversity and inclusion consultancy firm BAME Recruitment to help the company make more diverse and inclusive recruitment decisions.

Regulatory trio unveil plan to bolster diversity and inclusion in financial...

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Bank of England (BofE) has launched a paper aiming to boost diversity and inclusion in finance.

UK banks lagging behind in diversity after 10,000 women left their...

The number of women at the UK’s five biggest financial companies plummeted by 3% during 2020, posing a serious question to the sector’s diversity pledges.

Barclays launches accelerator for black entrepreneurs

Barclays is launching a 12-week virtual accelerator programme to help tech startups with black founders, in a bid to to boost diversity in entrepreneurship.

11 women changing the US RegTech industry you need to know...

The US is spearheading the RegTech revolution. So why not find out more about the women leading the charge?

New study into harassment in the FinTech industry backed by Revolut,...

Accusations of sexism and toxic workplace cultures have repeatedly been levied against the FinTech industry. Now, a new study will look into how big the problem really is.

17 powerful women in InsurTech that you must know about right...

Technology is changing the insurance industry. In many cases, women are leading the charge.

Five ways to close the UK FinTech gender gap

British FinTech leaders have identified diversity as one of their biggest challenges. So what can be done to close the sector’s gender gap?

Sourcing talent, diversity and partnerships remain key challenges for UK FinTech...

British FinTech businesses are struggling to bridge the diversity gap, find talent and to nurture partnerships.

What can be done to boost diversity in RegTech?

Maria Scott, founder and CEO of TAINA Technology, the RegTech startup, believes there is hope to boost diversity in the RegTech industry. She discussed this...

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