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Email security company Egress adds top five bank to its client-base

People-centric email security company Egress has deployed its services to Bank X, a top five global bank.

Here’s why your employees are your biggest cybersecurity risk

The cybersecurity threat is constantly evolving and the day a firm believes they have achieved all there is to achieve, is the day they will fall foul to the next emerging risk; the Insider Threat, according to Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress.

52% of UK businesses are still not compliant with GDPR

New research from Egress, the compliance company, has revealed that more than half of British businesses are still not following the rules set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data privacy company Egress secures $40m in Series C

Data privacy and compliance software company Egress has secured $40m in its Series C round of funding.