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Controversial Clearview AI reveals its entire client list has been stolen...

Someone has stolen Clearview AI’s full client list as the facial recognition software company is still reeling from the backlash of having scraped public pictures from social media platforms.

Clearview AI scraped billions of public pictures to create its facial...

Three of the biggest tech companies in the US have sent cease-and-desist letters to Clearview AI after the Australian startup scraped their platforms for pictures for its facial recognition software.

China releases guidelines for facial recognition payments

China has reportedly released a set of new guidelines for the use of facial recognition payments which aim to reduce risks.

“It’s creepy” – facial recognition app Clearview AI scraped three billion...

Clearview AI, an Australian tech startup backed by Peter Thiel, might change how privacy work, according to a new expose in The New York Times.

Facial recognition positioned for high growth over next four years

The facial recognition market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% to reach a global valuation of $9.06bn by 2024, according to research from Mordor Intelligence.

Researchers fooled facial recognition software in payment kiosks with a mask

All it takes to fool facial recognition software is to put on a printed mask, according to new research.

Chinese companies are shaping global facial recognition standards

From customer authentication to cybersecurity, RegTech companies can leverage facial recognition tech in numerous ways.

FinTech firm Nivo Solutions help United Trust Bank launch facial recognition...

United Trust Bank, the specialist lender, has tapped Manchester-based Nivo Solutions to create a facial recognition ID verification service through a bespoke smartphone app.

AnyVision secures $28m in Series A from German technology group Bosch

AnyVision, an AI technology and computer vision company, has secured $28m in its Series A led by German technology group Bosch.