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Tag: Financial Conduct Authority

Christopher Woolard to step down as FCA interim chief executive

Having served as interim chief executive for six months, Christopher Woolard will leave the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on October 1.

The FCA calls for insights on how to best regulate the...

The top UK financial markets watchdog has called for experts' insights into how to best regulate the consumer investment market.

FCA introduces more protection for customers who face financial difficulties

Earlier this year the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) introduced new guidance to protect people struggling financially during the Covid-19 crisis. Now, the financial markets regulator has added to the guidance.

FCA says it will learn from Covid-19 as it publishes annual...

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its annual report, adding that it will learn from the lessons of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Wirecard officially winds down its UK-regulated business

Following the collapse of Wirecard in June, the German FinTech giant is now officially winding down its regulated services in the UK.

Scammers stole over £30m from UK pension savers and football fans...

Regulators warn that pension savers have lost over £30m to scammers as people know more about football than about their own lifetime savings.

LF Equity Income Fund has handed back over £2.26bn to investors...

LF Equity Income Fund was at the centre of the Woodford scandal and has now handed back over £2.26bn to investors since the fund started to wind up in January.

The FCA gives temporary to companies reporting relief during Covid-19

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will give temporary relief for lease issuers to obey with new accounting rules during the coronavirus pandemic.

FCA concerned about credit firms allowing repeat borrowing

From: RegTech Analyst The UK's top financial markets regulator is concerned about credit firms' practices after a review revealed that relending often leave vulnerable customers...

Parliamentary group criticises regulators for their treatment of challenger banks during...

A new report from a cross party group of MPs has slammed the UK's regulators for not keeping the neobanks and building societies at the front of mind during the pandemic.

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