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Tag: hack attacks

The cost of data breaches has gone up during Covid-19

While the average cost of a data breach in Canada has increased by 6.7% in the last year, companies have become faster at spotting them.

How has the Covid-19 crisis changed how financial services should think...

The pandemic has forced financial service firms to reconsider their digital defences or risk falling victim to cyber attacks.

Synack bags $52m in Series D round as it aims to...

From: RegTech Analyst Cybersecurity company Synack has raised $52m in a Series D funding round to transform security testing through its crowdsourced platform powered by...

Korean Register and Samsung Heavy Industries to study cybersecurity in the...

The classification society Korean Register has signed an memorandum of understanding with Samsung Heavy Industries to conduct a joint study on cybersecurity in the shipping industry.

Global managed security service market to be worth $46.42m by 2025

Regulations and growing number of hack attacks will drive the growth to of the cybersecurity market considerably in the next five years, according to a new report.

KYND provides free cyber risks reports to businesses fighting cyber criminals...

Cybersecurity firm KYND has become the latest company to provide its services for free to help others through the coronavirus crisis.

US congress report calls for private actors to boost their cybersecurity...

The United States of America must beef up its cybersecurity and private actors should play a key role in these efforts, according to a new report.

Huntress closes $18m in new Series A round led by ForgePoint...

From: RegTech Analyst Hack attacks are on the rise. While big businesses have the muscles to defend themselves, smaller firms struggle to keep up with the threat....

Hackers are the leading cybersecurity concern for business leaders

A new report from digital service and consulting firm Infosys has unveiled the biggest cybersecurity concerns for companies.

American regulators warn financial services to up their cybersecurity as risk...

The US conflict with Iran has caused several American regulators to warn businesses that the risk of cyberattacks is on the rise.

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