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Hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization as number...

Cybercriminals tried to hack their way inside the World Health Organization earlier in March as the number of digital attacks are on the rise.

Hackers use the coronavirus to steal credit card details

From: RegTech Analyst Digital criminals are using COVID-19 to steal private data from people trying to find out more about the disease. As the spread of the...

Hackers are hacking hackers in a new unearthed widespread campaign

It seems as if some hackers have been given a taste of their own medicine in a campaign where threat actors baited hackers with infected hacking tools.

77% physical security systems are in desperate need of an update

European IT executives are worried about the physical security of their systems, according to a new survey.

PayPal and BT hackers jailed after defrauding over 2,000 people

Seven out of eight gang members have been jailed after defrauding thousands of people through hacking PayPal and BT accounts.

What are the cybersecurity risks financial services firms should be aware...

Using technology might have boosted financial services firms’ efficiency, but the reliance on digital solutions has also opened them up to attacks from malicious outsiders.

Cybersecurity is the hardest risk to manage for finance professionals

Financial services firms must deal with various risks. However, some are more difficult to handle than others.

Millennials less aware about phishing threats than other age groups as...

Just because they are digitally native, it doesn’t mean that millennials are better at cybersecurity than their older peers.

More businesses believe they’ve fallen victim to state-backed hacking

One in four companies say that they have been targeted by state-funded cyberwarfare attempts.

The Swedish central bank to test its digital defences against the...

The Riksbank may be the world’s oldest central bank, but it is still recognising the evolving threats it has to deal with.