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Tag: Juniper Research

In-vehicle payment market anticipates huge 5000% growth spurt by 2026

A recent study by Juniper Research has found that the in-vehicle payment market will see growth of over 5,300% over the next five years.

Open banking-facilitated payments to grow by 2800% in five years

Global payment transactions facilitated by open banking are expected to exceed $116bn by 2026, rising from $4bn in 2021.

B2B domestic payment transaction value to exceed $54trn in 2023

A study by Juniper Research has found the transaction value of business-to-business domestic payments across payment methods is expected to surpass $54trn in 2023.

Volume of mobile transactions expected to surge

The volume of mobile transactions is expected to surge by 93% in the next two years.

Emerging markets set to lead mobile wallet uptake by 2025

A global study by Boku has found that emerging markets in Latin America and Africa and the Middle East are set to see the largest uptake in mobile wallets by 2025.

Value of instant payments expected to grow 400% by 2026

The value of instant payments is expected to grow by 470% by 2026, with it expected to exceed $27.7trn.

Voice assistant-powered transactions to increase by more than 400%

Voice assistant-powered e-commerce transaction values are expected to reach 19.4bn by 2023, an increase from just $4.6bn in 2021.

Digital banking use to exceed half of global population in 2026,...

A study by Juniper Research has found around 53% of the global population will access digital banking services in 2026.

Smart POS systems to increase in usage by 156% by 2026

The amount of smart POS systems will increase by 156% by 2026, with companies needing to implement new features to stay ahead of the market.

Online payment fraud losses to hit $206bn by 2025

Merchant losses to online payment fraud is expected to hit $206bn cumulatively between 2021 and 2025, new research claims.

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