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Why wealth managers need the right type of simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Leonardo da Vinci once said. However, simplicity can be a double-edged sword when digitising wealth management and the key is finding the right balance.

Where to start with digital transformation in wealth management

With every new variant of Covid, the end of the pandemic continues to move further into the distance. These past two years have shown the cruciality of digital services, and firms no longer have a choice to avoid it if they want to stay successful. The trouble is, where does a firm start?

Why compliance and transparency are vital for digital financial solutions

A blogpost by Kidbrooke has detailed how financial organisations can ensure regulatory compliance and transparency when it comes to their digital financial products.

Why decision-making modelling might be impacting customer experience

While financial services scramble for digital transformation, Kidbrooke fears most have not assessed how the decision-making models of underlying technology might impact customer experiences.

Why customisation is the differentiator wealth firms need to take seriously

Personalised products have always been a boon for a service provider, but it is now becoming a “powerful brand differentiator in the digital economy”, according to WealthTech company Kidbrooke.

Why wealth advisors can’t avoid talking to customers

Customer engagement will not only allow wealth managers to nurture loyalty within their customers but can yield strong results by tailoring services to their needs, according to Kidbrooke.

Why flexibility is imperative when developing digital financial services

A recent blogpost by WealthTech firm Kidbrooke has examined the key technological factors that ensure the flexibility of digital financial services.

Why cloud technology is key for digital platform speed and scalability

One of the key factors for companies in the digital age is ensuring that consumers can access their information quickly and efficiently. When these processes become too slow, this can have a damaging effect on the user experience.

Customer experiences might be the new battleground for wealth managers

BigTech companies like Amazon and Google has changed the customer expectations for online experiences regardless of industry, but will these experiences be tied to the success of firms in wealth management.

Why wealth management firms must integrate a holistic approach in today’s...

As the world treads towards digitalisation, wealth management firms must keep pace with changing technologies by preparing their operations for the digital age.

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