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Why Sweden is the perfect place for Kidbrooke to grow

Sweden has grown to becoming one of the leading FinTech hot beds in Europe. For WealthTech startup Kidbrooke, moving to the Scandinavian country has proven exceptionally beneficial.

How Kidbrooke can help you save for your pension smarter

Saving for retirement is not easy, but in a new video Kidbrooke explains how technology can make it easier.

Solving the challenge of creating a customer-centric business model – Kidbrooke...

A recent survey from PwC found that 61% of bankers believe customer-centric business models are very important, and yet only 17% of them are “very prepared” for it. Kidbrooke has released a new demo highlighting the problem in the market.

What does the FinTech industry think of Monedo going bust?

German FinTech startup Monedo has gone bust, leaving the rest of the industry to speculate what this means for the sector.

How much trouble are Revolut, Starling Bank and Monzo really in?

UK digital lenders Revolut, Starling Bank and Monzo have reported massive annual losses. What does it mean for their future?

Are smaller startups ready for big tech entering the FinTech space?

Big tech firms already control what people watch, buy and find online. Now, some of them are trying the waters of FinTech.

Could the coronavirus mean a boost in tech adoption in the...

While many have predicted that artificial intelligence could change how financial services operate, Kidbrooke notes that the revolution has yet to manifest. Could Covid-19 change that?

How will the Wirecard scandal affect the FinTech sector?

The collapse of Wirecard has sent shock waves through the FinTech industry, cut customers off from their money and raised some serious questions about the role of regulators.

Why FinTech companies can’t rest on their laurels despite being ideally...

While many FinTech firms could be ideally placed to leverage the coronavirus to their advantage, they still have much to do to capitalise on the situation.

Kidbrooke’s founder reveals why he’s bullish about the company’s future despite...

While many businesses may worry about the global pandemic, Kidbrooke's co-founder Fredrik Davéus is optimistic about the future of the company.

Watch the exclusive webinar with McKinsey and Akur8 to find out more 

How to capture value from pricing analytics in P&C insurance post COVID-19?

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