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Automating supplier onboarding processes – KYC Portal

While efficient logistics and supply chain management are recognised as an integral part of a firm’s competitive advantage, poor performance in logistics can still be the undoing of an otherwise successful company, according to a new blog from KYC Portal.

The benefits of improved data management – KYC Portal

With the rise in regulations, the amount of data being collected and the scale of information storage, effective data management has become crucial for businesses.

How does KYC Portal work?

KYC Portal has quickly become a leader in the client onboarding market. This is how it works.

How KYC Portal helps businesses meet their compliance obligations during COVID-19

The coronavirus has changed the entire dynamic for how businesses stay compliant with people working remotely more than ever.

Ten RegTech companies whose services can help you through the coronavirus...

It's hardly a secret that the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on how businesses are conducted. Fortunately, several RegTech businesses offer a huge range of services to help.

How KYC Portal became a leader in the client onboarding market

KYC Portal may have started as a side project, but its massive success has made it into a leader in the client onboarding market.

How RegTech is becoming more than just a subset of FinTech

The 2010s saw business leaders realise the importance of compliance. However, RegTech could get even bigger in the next decade, believes Kristoff Zammit Ciantar, CEO of KYC Portal.