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ModusBox, DocFox team up to improve onboarding

Open banking solution developer ModusBox has teamed up with SaaS-based automated onboarding tool DocFox to help banks and credit unions improve data access.

Nearly $1bn was issued in AML, KYC and data privacy fines...

A total of $937.7m has been issued in fines for non-compliance with anti-money laundering, know your customer and data privacy regulations, in H1 2021.

Kroll introduces new KYC solution to strengthen checks, onboarding efficiency

US firm Kroll has introduced Kroll Business Connect, a new know-your-customer (KYC) tool to bolster the onboarding efficiency and KYC checks.

Celo teams up with FinClusive to implement KYC/AML tools to its...

Open source blockchain ecosystem Celo has teamed up with FinClusive, which provides accounts and payment solutions with embedded AML tools.

Compliance officers fear more time is needed to manage regulatory requirements

Most compliance offices fear there are not enough hours in the day to manage regulatory compliance, according to research from KYC Portal.

Penfold implements NorthRow’s technology to ease pension onboarding

Digital-only pension Penfold has implemented NorthRow’s technology to accelerate its onboarding process and enable users to establish a pension in five minutes.

KYC Portal’s embedded email function helps reduce manual processes for onboarding

KYC Portal’s embedded email function is designed to reduce manual effort when collecting information for onboarding new clients.

Encompass Corporation receives funding from private equity firm Beacon

KYC automation Encompass Corporation has received an investment from Boston-based private equity firm Beacon Equity Partners.

RegTechs solving KYC and AML continue to make up biggest chunk...

The Global RegTech Buyer's Guide reveals the industry has grown to over 1,000 companies globally offering a variety of innovative solutions.

Citadel ID secures $3.5m investment for employment verification tool

Citadel ID has netted $3.5m in a new cash injection round to boost its income and employment verification service.

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