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Mastercard acquires cybersecurity company RiskRecon

Mastercard has acquired RiskRecon, an AI and data analytics solution designed to help companies protect their online systems and infrastructure.

Mastercard to hold tests on new identity verification service

Mastercard will hold the initial tests for a digital service which could verify a person’s identity immediately, safely and securely in the digital and physical world.

Mastercard invests in Doconomy to help consumers see CO2 impact their...

Mastercard has made an undisclosed equity investment into Doconomy, a startup helping consumers become more aware of their CO2 impact when making payments.

The Netherlands leads Europe’s surge in wearable payments

Wearable payments are becoming more popular across Europe and the Netherlands is leading this charge.

Why are lawmakers worried about the Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra?

Mark Zuckerberg endured a serious grilling this week as lawmakers around the world continue to express their concerns about Libra. The Facebook CEO did not...

Libra has lost another backer, but claims it has 180 replacements...

The Facebook-backed cryptocurrency project Libra names five people to its association board as another backer jumps ship.

Libra co-creator gets into Twitter-spat after Stripe, Mastercard and Visa abandon...

Things are not looking stellar for Libra as several backers have pulled out of the cryptocurrency project as the regulatory pressure against it is mounting.

Plaid collects strategic investments from Visa and Mastercard

Open banking platform Plaid has received strategic investments from Mastercard and Visa.

What are the next steps for SCA following postponements to compliance...

Postponements to strong customer authentication (SCA) was the right decision, but regulators must make it clear there will not be a second opportunity for meeting compliance, according to Michael Sass vice president, market product management, security solutions, Europe at Mastercard.

Mastercard acquires Nets in $3.19bn deal

Mastercard has agreed to acquire the majority of payments processor Nets in a deal worth $3.19bn.