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Finastra has launched its new cloud-based banking platform Fusion Phoenix and...

Commerce National Bank & Trust and Commencement Bank have become the first US banks to access Finastra’s new cloud-based core banking platform Fusion Phoenix.

What part of the financial system should be replaced by AI?

Artificial intelligence is one of those buzzwords that keep popping up in investor and sales pitches. But where will AI have the biggest impact on the financial sector?

Wealth Dynamix level up its partnership with Microsoft to strengthen its...

Microsoft has recognised Wealth Dynamix, the WealthTech company, as its latest Business Applications ISV Connect partner.

Microsoft discloses potential weakness that exposed customer data

For the better part of December, a Microsoft database containing customers’ private information was exposed to the internet.

UK snoops warn businesses against using Windows 7 for cybersecurity reasons

One of Britain’s leading spy agencies tells companies to stop using one of Microsoft’s old operating systems by Tuesday January 14 or face having growing cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

AXA XL and Slice Labs to give Microsoft customers cybersecurity insurance...

Microsoft’s business customers are about to get a serious upgrade in their cybersecurity protection and insurance to cover it.

44 million passwords are being reused across Microsoft’s services alone

Despite repeated warnings over the years to not reuse passwords, people still fail to follow the guidelines.

BlueVine raises $102.5m in new Series F funding round

SME financing and banking services scaleup BlueVine has raised a huge $102.5m Series F round led by ION Crossover Partners, the venture capital firm.

Customers were unable to access Microsoft Azure after facing multi-factor authentication...

On Friday, Microsoft confirmed that several of its users had been locked out of their services because of an unknown glitch in its multi-factor authentication solution.

Companies worry more about cyber attacks but fewer think they can...

Business leaders worldwide are increasingly worrying about how cyber threats. However, fewer and fewer are bullish about their ability to protect against them.