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The role of AI and machine learning in the customer experience

The insurance industry has paid lip service to AI and machine learning for some time. However, adoption has been underwhelming. As firms come under intense pressure to meet changing customer demands, could this instigate more rapid AI adoption?

How can insurers and InsurTechs deliver better customer experiences?

Customers have raised the bar on the level of service they expect from their insurance provider. Faced with the industry’s historic reputation of working against the customer, insurers and InsurTechs must raise their customer experience game if they are to come out on top.

How to detect and prevent push payment fraud

Since the onset of Covid-19, financial crime and fraud has continued to rise in number and stature – which criminals riding the great wave of the mass migration online.

The importance of hyper-personalisation in insurance

Insurers, re-insurers and brokers are increasingly focussed on how they can deliver more personalised, autonomous and tailored customer experiences. To meet this need, gaining a thorough understanding of every customer has never been more vital.

The benefits of a continuous KYC solution

Despite firms having robust and widespread risk management and compliance processes in place, there is still a strong threat from falling victim to fraud.

How networks are imperative to detecting lending fraud

The rise of fraud, specifically lending fraud, during the pandemic has been a hot topic for discussion. In a time where fraud is becoming more commonplace, how can industry fight back?

How advanced analytics can help monitor and manage ESG risks

The rise in importance of climate change on the business agenda has been impossible to miss. With this rise, the need for financial organisations to address ESG matters is reaching a boiling point.

Quantexa study highlights ROI challenges for AI in finance

A recent study by Quantexa has found that up to 61% of those in financial services use or plan to use AI.

Quantexa and D4t4 bolster partnership for fraud prevention

Data and analytics software company Quantexa has expanded its partnership with D4t4 to prevent fraud before it happens.

Overwhelming majority of organisations suffer from data decision gap

Quantexa has found 95% of organisations suffer from the data decision gap, which is an inability to bring together internal and external data needed to make accurate decisions.

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