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New and emerging risks: a bumpy road ahead for insurance

Innovation in the insurance industry is not just important, it is essential. A more dynamic market has meant insurers are venturing into non-traditional sectors as well as looking for more advanced ways of serving existing markets. The industry must ramp up its innovation efforts if it is to tackle increasingly threatening risks, such as climate events and cyber-attacks.

The need to make data ethics a priority in the fight...

For as long as insurance has been around, criminals have been committing insurance fraud. With increasingly sophisticated fraud activity, insurers are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, they must develop standards to prevent unfair discrimination and remove any bias in these technologies.

How to tackle internal fraud in a hybrid work environment

Despite the pandemic being the main influencer of the hybrid work trend, the model appears now to be here for good. With more people working from home than ever before, how can companies manage internal fraud cases?

How to build a 360 hierarchy view of a complex client

Compliances teams are often faced with a challenge of how to get a 360-degree view of corporate clients, particularly when they are large multinationals with complex structures.

Is perpetual KYC set to replace traditional KYC?

In an increasingly digital and connected world, the need to stay alert to new challenges has never been clearer.  

How firms can increase defences for customers against fraud

Combating fraud often feels like an unwinnable battle, but firms can do a lot more than they think to prevent scams.

Quantexa secures 144% net retention rate in stellar FY 2022 performance

Quantexa has secured a powerful full year fiscal 2022 performance and has emphasised its 144% net retention rate and 70% increase in committed ARR across the year.

What does the insurance industry really think of AI?

It has been said AI is not a silver bullet to all the insurance industry’s shortcomings. So, what’s all the chatter about? Where is it best suited, and what (if any) are its limits?

Why a contextual KYC approach can improve customer onboarding

The KYC and refresh process in financial services can often be heavily burdensome, complex and costly for companies, with processes still lacking up-to-date technologies.

The role of AI and machine learning in the customer experience

The insurance industry has paid lip service to AI and machine learning for some time. However, adoption has been underwhelming. As firms come under intense pressure to meet changing customer demands, could this instigate more rapid AI adoption?

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