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Tag: Ransomware

MCPc launches Cybersecurity as a Service offering

Data protection and security risk management firm MCPc has launched Cybersecurity as a Service, a tailored service to help companies better understand and identify security vulnerabilities and protect their business from cyber threats.

Nine out of ten IT professionals have been breached

New research reveals that 94% of IT professionals have seen their digital infrastructures hacked by outsiders or had their own co-workers compromise data.

Global security advisory services market to be worth $29.16bn in 2025

New research estimated that the global security advisory services market is projected to grow from $9.14bn in 2019 to reach $29.16bn by 2025.

Cybersecurity company Cygilant has fallen victim to a ransomware attack

Threat detection company Cygilant has fallen victim to a cyber attack and is still investigating the damage.

The cost of data breaches has gone up during Covid-19

While the average cost of a data breach in Canada has increased by 6.7% in the last year, companies have become faster at spotting them.

This hacking group has been targeting FinTechs since 2018

If you've never heard of Evilnum, then you better read this carefully as the hacking group has targeted European FinTechs since 2018.

IDStrong offers free identity theft threat level scans amidst the coronavirus...

As the threat of identity theft is on the rise, IDStrong is hoping to give people a certain ease of mind.

CrowdStrike stocks soar to almost record levels as cybersecurity remains mission...

Cybersecurity company CrowdStrike has seemingly proven just how paramount digital defences have become as the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to accept remote working as the tech company's stocks jump.

Financial frauds and payment trends to look out for right now

The coronavirus has raised the risk of financial fraud across the world. Now, Featurespace, a Cambridge-based company that uses AI to detect fraud for banks and retailers, has listed the top ones to look out for right now.

FinTech Global unveils CyberTech100 list recognising the top tech companies providing...

The cyber threat facing financial firms is growing by the day, but FinTech Gobal has revealed the 100 cybersecurity companies from around the world that are leading the charge against bad actors and digital threats.

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