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Tag: Ransomware

Cuba ransomware breached 49 US critical infrastructure organisations, FBI finds

The FBI has revealed that the Cuba ransomware gang has breached the networks of ‘at least’ 49 organisations from US critical infrastructure markets.

US offers $10m bounty to find the hackers responsible for Colonial...

The US government has put a $10m bounty on the cybercriminals who hacked the system of the Colonial Pipeline back in May of this year.

2021 set to be costliest year on record for ransomware attacks

Ransomware threat intelligence firm SonicWall has found 2021 will be the most expensive and dangerous year on record for ransomware attacks, with 495 million logged already.

Are business owners underestimating the risk of a ransomware attack?

A recent reported by InsurTech firm Embroker has found up to 63% of small and medium sized firm owners believe they are not at risk from a ransomware attack.

South Africa’s Justice Department suffers significant ransomware hack

The global spread of ransomware attacks has continued after South Africa’s Justice Department saw its network encrypted.

REvil ransomware group returns following short period offline

The REvil ransomware gang – also known as Sodinokibi – has fully returned following a period in the darkness since July this year.

What makes the perfect ransomware victim?

A recent report by cybersecurity company Kela has revealed findings on what the ideal victim looks like to the ransomware gangs of today.

FBI warns food and agriculture sector about ransomware attack increase impact

The FBI has issued a notification warning firms in the food and agricultural sector about the climbing number of ransomware attacks and how they impact the food supply chain.

Sextortion attacks costing victims over $8bn a year, FBI claims

The FBI has claimed sextortion complaints have seen a ‘massive increase’ since the start of 2021, with the total financial losses accounting for over $8m.

FBI finds cybercrime group has targeted US firms since November last...

The FBI has discovered that the OnePercent ransomware gang has been actively targeting US organisations since November 2020 as a ransomware affiliate.

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