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Revolut partners with the Trussell Trust foodbank network during the coronavirus...

Challenger bank Revolut has parnered with the Trussell Trust food bank network to support emergency food needs around the UK.

The risks and opportunities facing FinTechs forced to have staff work...

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many FinTechs to have their staff work from home. However, what should these companies consider when encouraging remote working?

Revolut is finally live in the US

UK challenger bank Revolut is now live in the United States and already has tens of thousands of customers lined up in the nation.

Revolut and Monzo clarify they are not going bust after public...

With the public terrified of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it leaves a space for fake news to fester. Rumours surfaced earlier today on Twitter with people questioning whether UK challenger bank Revolut was close to going bust.

How the coronavirus will affect different segments of the FinTech industry

As COVID-19 rages on across the world, the affects on the FinTech segment of the economy is already letting itself be known.

FinTech unicorns and startups to face a coronavirus-created “vicious cycle” that...

The global COVID-19 outbreak could worsen business and funding conditions as well as changing private FinTechs’ exit options, according to a new report.

Revolut founder gives his word “that we are doing everything we...

As several European challenger banks move to limit the fallout from the coronavirus, Revolut’s CEO and founder has issued a statement.

Could the coronavirus help Revolut grow?

UK challenger bank Revolut is expected to add three million new user by June and COVID-19 could be a contributing factor.

Ronald Oliveira hired as Revolut’s new US chief executive

While Revolut is still waiting to receive its US banking licence, the challenger bank has hired a 40-year industry veteran to lead its expansion stateside.

UK challenger banks Monzo, Revolut and Starling Bank are taking steps...

Three of the UK’s leading neobanks are stepping up to protect their staff and their customers from the spread of the coronavirus.