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Tag: SolarWinds

Why greater efficiency will help insurance firms better handle cyber threats

Cyber risk is showing no signs of stopping and the reliance on cloud-based systems makes potential ripple effects vast. It is crucial for the global insurance industry to efficiently measure cyber risk.

President Biden rolls out 100-day plan to bolster US grid cybersecurity

US President Joe Biden has announced a 100-day plan focused on rapidly strengthening US power grid cybersecurity.

The west is facing a ‘moment of reckoning’ on cybersecurity, GCHQ...

The head of GCHQ has claimed the UK and its allies face a ‘moment of reckoning’ where the global direction of cybersecurity may not be ‘shaped and controlled by the west’.

SolarWinds hackers breached NASA and Federal Aviation Administration networks

NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration have been named in reports as the previously undisclosed governmental agencies breached in the massive SolarWinds attack.

5 cyberattacks from the past year that highlight the battle for...

The recent system breach of French IT company Centreon is another example of how important strong cybersecurity is and more knowledge on the space...

French IT monitoring company targeted by hackers and put potentially hundreds...

French IT company Centreon has been targeted in a three-year long hack attack where bad actors used the venture to break into its clients' organisations, a French cyber watchdog has warned.

Cybersecurity spending for critical infrastructure to surpass $105bn by 2021

Spending into critical infrastructure cybersecurity to surpass $105bn this year, according to new research.

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