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Tag: Wealth management

Indonesian WealthTech startup Finku scores seed round

Indonesia-based FinTech platform Finku has reportedly raised $2.8m in its seed funding round.

Democratisation of wealth management – How firms can stay relevant

Traditionally, wealth management has been for the wealthy. The average Joes and Janes have often been skipped out on by big wealth managers due to little revenue incentive to capture that market.

How Lightyear is lighting the way in European retail investing

A recent podcast between Currencycloud and the CEO of WealthTech Lightyear has detailed how the latter company is dealing with challenges in the European investing space.

WealthTech company FNZ raises colossal $1.4bn

Global wealth management platform FNZ has closed a colossal $1.4bn investment, which brings its valuation to $20bn.

Why wealth managers need the right type of simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Leonardo da Vinci once said. However, simplicity can be a double-edged sword when digitising wealth management and the key is finding the right balance.

How wealth managers can maintain client trust in the age of...

A recent blogpost by MyDocSafe has examined how wealth managers can maintain a relationship of trust with their clients in an age where in-person meetings are becoming rare.

Does reconciliation pose a big threat to asset and wealth managers?

A study conducted by AutoRek and Worldwide Business Research has found up to 60% of asset and wealth managers view reconciliations as the biggest challenge to their company.

What does the future hold for the WealthTech industry?

Like a wide range of other industries, the WealthTech sector has seen digitisation accelerate massively recently – with the pandemic only serving to speed up this trend.

How onboarding is hindering client experience

A recent blogpost by MyDocSafe has detailed how the onboarding process within wealth management is impacting the client experience through its complexity.

A revolution is happening in relationship management, but why should wealth...

Wealth managers might not be aware, but there is a revolution underway in how they handle customer journeys. Traditionally a firm has used a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to track engagements, but this is being made redundant by the better equipped client lifecycle management (CLM) solutions.

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